About us

Ramko Consultancy bv strongly believes in the power of Sampo Yoshi, a Japanese business principle that stresses the importance of satisfying all partners in a transaction. Working with this principle, also called the trinity of bliss, focuses not just on profits, but on the harmony of society, custumor and self and in making the buyer, the seller and the general public happy. Ramko Consultancy bv works with the principles of Sampo Yoshi in always aiming to improve the performance of its clients by enabling and ensuring strategic and effective partnering fort hem with all relevant parties. Especially clients who know how to do business and are succesful in operating on international markets and who are concerned with their communities acknowledge the worth of working with a strategic partner to make sustainable and safe investments. For these kind of clients Ramko Consultancy bv is the partner to work with in Turkey als well as the neighbouring countries.

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