Ramko Consultancy bv has an excellent track record of helping clients identify business opportunities and win business for them in various sectors including Defence, Energy, Infrastructure (railways, ports, highways), Construction, Civil Engineer and Pharmacie. Our broad experience in doing business with the private sector, the government and local governments in Turkey gives us a unique advantage which we use to advise our clients. We advise our clients on the development and implementation of key policy and strategies to apply for tenders in governmental as well as private sectors. Ramko Consultancy bv is a strategich and succesful parnter because it is very well connected and possesses an extensive pool of experience, knowledge and expertise, all essential in Turkey for companies to be able to establish sustainable relations and succeed in business.

Our working method is charactarised by working side by side with our clients advising and supporting them from contact until contract and even further if the client wishes so. We make connections with companies and contacts on behalf of our clients and make sure we manage the contact and relations with relevant partners. We always represent our clients with a letter of representation.


Ramko Consultancy bv offers its clients:

  • Advice and consulting

  • Research, intelligence gathering and investment advice

  • Advice on transactions

  • An extended and effective network

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